My vision, my purpose is to provide my community with the highest quality legal services, the personal service and attention to detail the big multi office firms cannot provide and extensive, thorough preparation of every matter we handle. As a sole practitioner, I promise all my clients the personal and individual attention that their legal matters require and deserve.

The education, training, and the legal experience and expertise of thirty-five years of practice in New Jersey are always dedicated to each client of my firm. My goal is always to secure legal relief for each of the firm’s clients that the best legal practice, ethics and standards the Legal Profession can provide. My concern is always the highest and best interest of the client. My sensitivity and concern for each client always includes a full explanation of the legal processes that apply to their situation and the legal strategy that will be employed to achieve the desired, successful outcome for their particular legal matter. Every client is afforded my complete attention and client contact is always personal, focused and always for fair and reasonable fees. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.